A Superior Decking Material To Install Around Water Features

A commercial pool deck that contains a rubber surface will protect against bacteria and mould growth. This type of cover is attractive and will improve safety. Learn how this type of cover can benefit the owner of a commercial water feature.

A Concrete Deck

A concrete deck that surrounds a pool or a splash pad is a breeding ground for germs. As people exit a pool, water will drip down onto the concrete and will remain there until it evaporates. Excessive water on concrete can lead to cracks and other cosmetic imperfections. Excessive water on a concrete deck can also lead to people slipping and falling on the slick surface.

A Rubber Coating

A rubber coating is designed to be installed over a concrete surface. A rubber coating will conceal imperfections in concrete. If a decking material is cosmetically damaged, plus contains minor scratches and cracks, the addition of a rubber material will instantly improve the deck's appearance.

As the liquid rubber mixture is poured onto a deck, it will fill in cracks and other imperfections that are located in the concrete. After the rubber material has dried, it will feel spongy. The surface of the rubber will provide increased traction. The increased traction will maintain the safety of guests who are using a commercial water feature.

A rubber coating is porous. Pool water and rainwater will filter directly through a rubber coating. A rubber coating will not get hot like concrete does. Guests can comfortably walk across a rubber surface without needing to be concerned about burning their feet.

The Project

If you would like to upgrade a concrete deck that surrounds a pool or a splash pad, contact a contractor who specializes in the installation of rubber coatings. The contractor will need to assess the deck that is on your property. The design and size of the deck will influence the cost of a rubber coating.

Rubber coatings come in many colours. If you would like to add a fancy deck design around the water feature that you own, consider having a couple of different rubber coating colours added to the concrete surface.

Before the contractor begins the installation, they will draw up plans that will depict how the rubber coating will look once it has been installed. You will need to remove loose items from the deck. You will also be directed to clean the concrete's surface. Once you have completed these steps, the contractor will be able to install the rubber coating.