Skid Steer Rentals - Two Attachments To Consider

If you are familiar with the use of construction equipment and you need some excavation work done on your property, then it may be both convenient and cost effective for you to complete the work yourself. You may not have the equipment to complete the job properly though. Luckily, you can rent construction equipment, and a skid steer is one of the most useful tools you can acquire. You may need some extras when you rent the skid steer though, so keep reading to learn about two types of attachments that may help you.

Brush Mower

If you have an overgrown piece of land on your property that you want to revamp or use as the site for a home expansion, then you need to start your excavation by removing the weeds and small trees that sit on the site. A simple push mower can only get rid of four of five inches or grass, while a riding one can get rid of high weeds slowly as long as no trees are in the space. However, a brush mower attachment added to the front of your rented skid steer can cut through grass, weeds, and small trees.

Mower Options

You have the option of choosing either an open or closed front mower attachment. If there are trees that need to be cut down that are four to six inches thick or if you want to grind down stumps a small amount, then an open mower is best. This is also true if you want all the greenery to be trimmed as far as possible to the ground.

If you see small trees that are only two or three inches thick or if you want a more consistent looking cut area, then a closed front brush cutter is a better choice. These cutters will also keep debris contained underneath the attachment. This will keep you and your helpers safe from debris that will commonly fly free from an open mower.

Do your best to remove rocks, bolders, and other types of hard debris from the cutting area before using the attachment, regardless of the mower type you choose. Open cutters are likely to throw the rocks, and closed varieties will end up with warped or bent blades. You also may want to invest in a rented brush chipper attachment as well to clean up the trees and other greenery left behind after the mower does its job.


Most skid steers will come fitted with standard loaders or buckets. However, if you intend on doing a lot of digging and moving of spoils, then you should invest in a rented device with a jaw bucket or a grapple instead. An open or skeleton bottom grapple will help you to get rid of trees and large rocks, while the closed bottom device will help with the removal of dirt and small pebbles. Unfortunately, neither one of these devices are meant to dig deep in the earth, even though they can move large quantities of debris. 

Backhoe Options

If you intend on digging, then you may think about renting a backhoe. While this is an option, you also invest in a backhoe attachment for the rented skid steer. There are two different types of backhoes you can rent and attach to the skid steer. The first type is a digger that attaches to the front of the skid steer on the bottom edge of the cab just like other types of attachments. This device is easy to adhere and it can be used to create trenches and smaller holes with the small bucket and relatively short reach.

If you want to dig larger or deeper holes, then you will need the second type of backhoe. This device has its own seat, controls, and bucket digger that attach to the front of the skid steer. In this case, the attachment uses the skid steer for power, hydraulics, and for counterweight. This type of digger has a bit of a longer reach and it can dig deeper. However, you need to secure the skid steer in place while the backhoe is used. This may mean slow digging if a long or wide area needs to be dug up.