Things To Know About A Problematic Foundation

Having to pull or push doors open with force can be frustrating to do on a regular basis. If the doors in your house has such a problem, it might point to the foundation needing some attention. Your doors might be getting jammed due to your house not standing as upright as it should. Screws piles might be needed to bring the foundation back to a leveled position so your walls will stand upright.  Browse this article for some general information about a problematic foundation and repairs being made via the screw pile technique.

Signs That a Foundation is in Bad Shape

Other than doors getting jammed, you might also experience the same type of problem with windows. If the foundation problem is severe, some of the windows might stop opening altogether. A common problem that occurs from a foundation being bad is cracks developing in the walls. The cracks will usually develop right about doors when the foundation problems first begin. Buckling walls are also a good sign that the foundation needs a repair.

How a Foundation Falls into Bad Shape

One of the things that can harm a foundation is overly saturated soil. For example, if water regularly builds up and seeps into the soil each time that it rains in your area, it can constantly put pressure on the foundation. When the saturated soil pushes against the foundation, it eventually leads to it being shifted to a different position. The type of house that your house was built on can also play a role in the condition of the foundation. The reason why is because some types of soil settles deeper than others, which can cause serious foundation problems.

Using Screw Piles to Repair the Foundation

Although your house might be slightly tilted, professionals, like Alberta Screw Piles LTD., can repair the foundation without causing any additional damage. Contractors can be hired to install piles as a way to bring your foundation back to a leveled position. Your family can remain living in the house while the repair is being made. The technique will involve a small portion of the ground near the foundation being excavated, soil being scraped from under the foundation, as well as hydraulics and brackets being installed. The piles will then be screwed into the foundation just as with typical screws, and then your foundation will be repositioned to where it needs to be for your house to stand upright.