Four Reasons To Convert Your Bathtub Into A Standup Shower

While having a traditional bathtub can be a great option for soaking away the stress of a long day at the office, there are several compelling reasons to consider converting it into a standup shower. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, here are a few benefits of converting your tub.


A freestanding shower can be a great option if you or a family member has mobility issues. By converting the tub into a full-sized shower, you get ample room for adding a shower bench and accommodating a wheelchair as needed. Add a frameless shower door with a low threshold for a convenient yet stylish entrance. If your home is two stories and you have more than one full bath, consider remodeling the one on the main floor, as the second story bathroom won't be easily accessible by wheelchair or walker.

Spa-Like Atmosphere

A full-size standup shower can be customized in a number of ways to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. You can add an overhead rainfall showerhead, steam generators to create a sauna experience, and a built-in shower bench. For this option, have your general contractor install a frameless shower door to create a seamless look.

Bathroom Options

For homes with multiple bathrooms, it isn't necessary to have a tub in each one. By converting one bathtub into a full-size shower, you can create a host of options for everyone in your family. Showering in a tub can feel restrictive, with the curtain and tub wall making the space feel small. With a freestanding shower and frameless glass shower enclosure, you can feel like you have more room to move around and relax.

New Look

Of course, adding a shower can also give your room a makeover. Use this as a chance to make other changes as well. Consider a new tile color and design for the shower area, and upgrade the lighting in the bathroom. If you don't already have a light fixture over the tub area, have your contractor add one. A dome or recessed light can help to brighten the whole room, not just the shower area. Finish off the look with a clear frameless shower door complete with stainless steel hardware.

Talk to your general contractor about converting your bathtub into a free-standing shower, and create a luxurious place for you to use when getting ready to face the day or relaxing after a long shift at work.