The Importance Of Your Condenser Unit

It can be annoying to deal with the high utility bills that come with using your air conditioner every day during the summer. Of course, with summer coming quickly, now is the time to get your AC system up and running at maximum efficiency. Obviously, doing to work now is way more convenient than waiting to do the work during the middle of summer, when you might need to go a few days without air conditioning while your system is being repaired or serviced. This article explains how to get your air conditioning system up and ready for summer season.

Check Your Condenser Connecting Hose

There is a very important hose that connects the back of your condenser unit to your furnace and duct system inside your house. Your condenser (or AC) unit is located on the outside of your house, and it can definitely get damaged during the winter.

Keeping Your Unit Covered

First of all, it is of the upmost importance that you cover your condenser unit with the provided cover during the winter. However, even if you do this, you need to make sure that the hose does not shift around or become dislodged during the winter. This is particularly common and problematic in climates where it snows during the winter. Snow buildup can put pressure on the hose, and cause it to become loose at either end. So, you should use a flashlight and look behind your condenser unit to make sure the hose is in working order and connected at both ends.

Cleaning Your Condenser Unit

Of course, you need to uncover your condenser unit before you start running your air conditioner on a daily basis. Once your AC unit is uncovered, you should also give it a thorough cleaning every summer. Most importantly, you want to clean the exterior walls of your unit because this is where the condensing coils are located. These coils can get dirty, causing the condensing process to be significantly slowed down. This is especially true if your condenser is next to landscaping or dirt. As a result of dirty coils, your unit ends up using more electricity and while still producing less cold air.

Basically, to keep your system as efficient as possible, you need to keep your condenser unit covered during the winter so it doesn't get too dirty, but you still need to clean it at least once a year. For more information, contact companies like Centrum Solutions.