Hardscaping Tips To Make Rain A Landscape Feature

Nothing beats the soothing sound of rainwater falling softly on the ground. The good news is that you can enjoy that soothing feeling and view anytime in your backyard. You can also harness rain water and turn it to your advantage.

Here are a few ideas you may want to explore.

Runoff Channels

You can use your hardscape to channel rain water to your landscape. Such sources include roofs, gutters, and downspouts. If these already exist on your property, all you now have to do is to channel the water to landscaped areas such as a rain garden.

To create a French drain, dig a trench about 12 inches along the drainage line where you want to install the drain pipe. Add fabric and stone. Alternatively you can use a perforated pipe that has been covered with fabric and filled with stones.

Water Screen/Curtain

This will create an illusion of actual rain. It is a horizontal beam supported by two hollow vertical columns. At the bottom of the columns you install a water basin.

Insert a pipe through either column. Attach it to a horizontal pipe with pre-punctured holes. Add a pump and floater to the basin. Attach the pump to one end of the vertical pipe.

Pour some water into the basin. Pump the water and, voila, you have your artificial rain.

You can build it using any kind of material including metal, glass, stone, or concrete.

Water Wall

A water wall is similar to a water curtain, but here, the water falls over a wall. You can add a light at the top beam to accentuate the water.

Rain Chain

Where there is no gutter, rain falls heavily on the ground causing mud to spatter onto the walls. A rain chain will fix the problem. The chains come in interesting shapes and designs.

Fix the rain chain to the gutter. When it rains, the rain water, through surface tension, will roll down the chain into a pot.

To create a base for the pot, dig one inch into the ground at the spot where you expect to place the pot.

Add ¾ inch gravel into the hole. Dig a few holes at the bottom of the pot and place the pot on the gravel patch. Add gravel into the pot but do not fill it. Add a few pieces of river stone into the pot.

Spread the rest of the river stones around the pot to cover the gravel.

Whether artificial or natural, rain can enhance your landscaping. All you need is a few creative landscaping ideas. These include drainage channels, water curtains and walls, and rain chains. For more tips on adding water features to your yard, contact companies like Urban Paradise Landscaping.