Questions About Owning A Wood Fence

Wood is often one of the more common materials found in residential fences. Its affordability, durability, and range of aesthetics can allow for a wood fence to meet the preferences of any homeowner.

Is Paint Purely Cosmetic For A Wood Fence?

It is extremely common for a wood fence to be painted. While this will provide the wood with an attractive coating, the paint itself can also offer protection to the wood in the fence. This covering will prevent moisture from being able to rot the wood. Furthermore, it can also help to protect the wood against damage from pests and the sunlight. While the paint will fade and peel over time, replacing it should always be a priority when it starts to occur. Otherwise, the fence could suffer extensive water, solar, and pest damage before you are able to have a new coat of paint applied. Luckily, there are fencing contractors that can rapidly paint your fence so that it will have a fresh coat of paint without forcing you to spend a lot of your own time on this fence work.

Will A Wood Fence Be A Major Target For Termites?

Termites are one of the most dangerous pests that a property can attract. When termites start to target a structure, they can quickly damage the wood supports that keep the structure upright. Wooden fences will be a target for termites, but it can be an easy part of the property to protect. There are termite pesticides and repellents that can be used to drive any termites away from the fence before they are able to cause damage to it. In the event that the wood fence does develop a termite problem or suffers severe damage, it may be possible to correct this damage by removing the most damaged sections of the fence and treating the remaining sections with professional-grade termite pesticides.  

Should You Expect Your Fence To Change Positions As It Settles?

Once your fence is installed, it will be important for it to remain in its original position. This can be needed to ensure that there are no gaps between the fence's planks. Unfortunately, the soil can shift over time after the fence is installed, and this can lead to the fence posts and planks shifting positions. These can result in the fence appearing tilted to one side or the other. Eventually, the fence will completely fall if this problem is not corrected. If you notice that your fence is starting to tilt to one side or the other, a professional fencing contractor will be needed to assess the reason for the fence posts shifting positions and to correct them.