A Roll-Off Bin Makes Cleaning Up Water Damage Much Easier

When your home has water damage from a flood or a broken water pipe, you may decide that it's easier to throw certain things out than it is to dry and restore them. If you'll be disposing of a lot of junk and building materials, rent a roll-off dumpster so that the disposal process is as easy on you as possible. You'll have enough concerns without worrying over how to get rid of a pile of furniture and flooring stacked in your yard. Here are some tips for using a roll-off bin to clean up water damage in your home.

Keep Safety In Mind

If your home has water damage from an outdoor flood, consider everything the water touched to be contaminated. Water from a clean source, such as a broken water pipe, could become contaminated in a few days when the water becomes stagnant. Plus, the sofa and carpet may have mold growing even if you can't see it on the surface. For these reasons, you should wear protective gloves, clothing, and eyewear along with a mask when you carry loads of water-damaged building materials or household goods to the dumpster. Open the dumpster gate and roll the debris inside rather than throwing it over the side and putting yourself at risk of mold exposure and other dangers.

Ask If You Can Mix Debris

When water damages your home, you'll have a mix of things you want to throw out. There might be a sofa as well as soggy carpet and drywall you need to get rid of. Some roll-off dumpster companies may want to keep construction materials and household items separate while others let you throw about anything in the same bin. Find out ahead of time what you can put in your rental bin so that you don't have to pay any fines when the dumpster is picked up.

Get Help With The Size

You might think that the smallest dumpster will suffice based on the volume of junk and debris you'll have. However, you may need a larger size so that you don't exceed the weight limit of a small bin. Drywall, carpet, and upholstered furniture soak up water and are much heavier wet than dry. Let the dumpster rental company know what things you need to throw in the dumpster so that they can help you choose the right size based on volume and weight.

A roll-off bin makes getting rid of waste a lot easier on you. You can rent a dumpster in different ways, such as a flat fee or by the day or week. Allow yourself plenty of time to complete the work by renting the dumpster for a little longer than you think you might need it to allow for unexpected interruptions that might occur and throw off your work schedule.

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