3 Ways To Tackle Storage When Building A Custom Home

After deciding that you are interested in homeownership, you will need to figure out whether you want to buy a home or build one. While most people will take the route of purchasing a house, you should not stray away from building a custom one when you are comfortable with going through the extensive planning process and waiting for it to be built by professionals.

While you may already be familiar with the most important features and qualities that you want to provide your family, you may not be sure how to tackle storage. Knowing various ways that you can incorporate storage into a custom-built home will help you satisfy long-term needs.


When you build a house, you will inevitably include cabinetry in the designs. While coming up with the cabinet design for the kitchen, you will benefit from building the cabinets to reach the ceiling because this will maximize how much storage space you are able to get inside the room.

For the bathrooms, you should also make sure to implement as much storage space as possible. Instead of just installing cabinetry and a mirror separately, you should combine the two. This will require the builders to get a little creative to provide functional cabinets with large mirrors.


While a strategical setup of cabinets and drawers should give you most of the storage that you need for the kitchen, you should not hesitate to include a walk-in pantry in the room's design. If you know that you will have a large family and you intend on making food for many guests on a regular basis, you will appreciate getting the amount of storage that a walk-in pantry can provide.


If you are making plans to build a multistory home, you may not think much of the stairs aside from how they look and their function of getting your family upstairs and downstairs. But you can get additional storage space by incorporating storage underneath the stairs. This may require you to go with a certain design for the staircase, but you will be taking advantage of a space that normally goes unused and turning it into one that can keep your family happy in the home.

Although it may take getting creative and strategical at times, you can build a custom home that has a lot more storage space than what you typically find in homes for sale.

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