6 Practical Commercial Renovations You Should Consider

While performing commercial renovations, it's easy to get excited about the aesthetic part of the job. However, you should take a close look at some of the practical considerations, too. Here are six more practical and mundane issues that commercial renovation contractors can deal with.

Energy Efficiency

Swapping out old light fixtures can make a noticeable difference in the total cost of operating a business. If you have the opportunity to do so, you should also consider upgrading the HVAC system at your place of business. Replacing windows and doors can do a lot, too. Even using systems like low-flow toilets and aerated faucets can be surprisingly efficient.


It's a good idea to think about how much storage you'll need both today and in the future. Storage problems tend to creep up on you, and expanding storage now while you have time will allow you to maintain inventory, hardware, and supplies.

Improved Safety

Right down to the floor plans for a location, you ought to be thinking about how renovations can impact safety. For example, if the fire suppression system hasn't been upgraded in a while, you should explore the available options for modernizing it. You'll also want to have a conversation with an official from your local code compliance office to find out what has to be done to make the location safer.

Maximizing Profitable Areas

Some parts of a business are likely to be more profitable than others. If you run a store, for example, it may be wise to analyze which departments are sales drivers. As you prepare remodeling plans, you can expand profitable zones and reduce ones that don't turn as big of a profit.


Connectivity is a bigger deal these days than it was even a decade ago. It's worth looking at both wired and wireless solutions. Especially when doing commercial renovations, you'll have a chance to add, for example, a high wide-access point in the ceiling. This is a wonderful way to provide free Wi-Fi to customers without producing an eyesore.

Ethernet and fiber optic cabling work should also be part of the equation. Many businesses need connectivity for registers, inventory controls, and back-office systems. Wiring the location for connectivity can boost productivity significantly.

Parking and Roadway Access

If your site handles a lot of vehicle traffic, improving the parking and roadway access is an excellent choice. Not only will customers find it more convenient, but you may even be able to reduce accidents at the location.

For more information on practical renovations to improve commercial buildings, talk to a commercial renovation contractor in your area, like Southern Alberta Construction Services.