2 Preparation Tips For Building A Rock Wall In Your Backyard

After flipping through landscaping magazines or visiting extravagant gardens, you may have decided that you would like to build a rock wall in your backyard to add depth and beauty to your landscape. However, since this is your first time attempting such a job, you may not be sure as to where to start. If so, use the following tips to help you prepare for building the wall.

1.  Use a Trench Filled With Gravel as the Foundation

One thing that you must do before you start building your rock wall is making sure that it will sit on a solid foundation. If you try to build the rock on unprepared ground, the soil may shift after a heavy rainfall or severe storm, causing the wall to come tumbling down.

To create a foundation suitable for your wall, dig a trench that is a few inches deep along the path where your wall will sit. Extend the trench out a few inches from the wall's planned area to give a little extra stability to its edges.

Once you have dug the trench, fill it up with loose gravel. Then, use a shovel to compact the gravel into the soil. Add another layer, and repeat the compaction until the foundation is even. The largest stone that will serve as the wall's base will go on the gravel.

2.  Sort Out the Rocks Before You Start Laying Them

Once you have your wall's foundation prepared, you are probably ready to start building. However, before you set the first stone, take a look at the rocks you have gathered for the job.

If you have various sizes that you plan to utilize, you need to organize them before you start laying them. Sort them into piles according to size, and try to plan out in what rotation you will use them. 

If you do not take the time to get organized, you may end up laying a section of stone with the wrong rocks. This would then require that you deconstruct the section and rebuild it to accommodate the proper sizes.

Ensuring that you have laid a proper foundation and have taken steps to organize your rocks can help you as you start to build the wall. However, you can also simply contact a contractor who offers rock wall building services to discuss your options for having them do the work for you.