Why You Need A Concrete Contractor To Keep Your Curb And Gutter In Shape

The role of the curb and gutter in both private and public spaces is often overlooked. Most people only notice the ornamental value. But the curb and gutter also serve a crucial role in maintaining surface integrity. Here is why you need a concrete contractor to maintain this important concrete fixture.

Support the Asphalt/Paved Edge

The curb and gutter form a barrier separating the asphalt/concrete edge and the soil. The curb acts like the hem of a garment. It prevents the fraying that leads to more deterioration inwards. It prevents cracking and chipping at the edges, which helps maintain the structural integrity of the paved surface. You need a concrete contracting contractor to keep the curb and gutter intact to prevent damage infiltration. 

Prevent Erosion and Flooding 

Water on a lawn or any other loosely paved surface erodes away the top layer of the soil and carries it towards the draining points. A curb helps to slow down soil erosion by slowing down water velocity at the edges. The eroded soil accumulates at the edge and stops more soil from coming off the surface. The gutter helps channel water to the trench drainage. Faster drainage prevents flooding and the accompanying risks like surface corrosion. A concrete service can configure the curb and gutter to prevent erosion and prolong its life.  

Defines Space and Boundaries 

A curb and gutter define the boundary of a field or a lawn. It is an important marker for motorists that there is a sidewalk, and beyond it, space they should not drive on. This boundary is blurred when the curb and gutter are covered by debris or left to crack. Motorists may not notice the boundary and drive onto the sidewalk. It endangers pedestrians on the sidewalk and causes further damage to the sidewalk. Keeping the curb visible mitigates these risks.

Maintain Curb Appeal 

Curbs are very visible. On private property, the curb is often the marker of the property, hence the term 'curb appeal.' Well-maintained curbs and gutters make a positive first impression. The edges of a concrete paved sidewalk or asphalt lot do not look good at the edges without a curb, just like a garment would not look good without a hem. A custom concrete contractor can improve your property's appeal and value by improving the aesthetic value of the curb and gutter.

Do you have a property with a curb and gutter? Keep them in shape with the services concrete contractor to maintain property value and appeal. For more information, contact a company like Benco Concrete Inc.