Why Install Fire-Rated Doors In Your Home?

Are you thinking of ways to make your home more fire-resistant? Installing fire-rated doors would be a good starting point. These doors have traditionally been used in industrial premises where there is a high risk of fire. But today, you will find high-quality, beautiful fire-rated doors for residential use. Installing fire rated doors in a home comes with several advantages:

Improved Fire Resistance 

The primary function of fire-rated doors is to delay the spread of fire when it happens. Fire-rated doors are Passive Fire Protection (PFP) units that are designed to delay the spread of fire from room to room in a building. They work best when combined with fire-rated walls and floors and dampers in the HVAC ductwork. 

Fire-rated doors are constructed to keep out smoke and fire for as long as possible. They are made to burn slower than conventional doors. This delayed combustion reduces smoke inhalation and damage. 

Fire-rated doors delay the spread of fire and smoke into hallways and stairways, giving ample time for people to evacuate the fire. They also give firefighters a chance to fight the fire by containing it. 

Improved Sound Proofing 

Fire-rated doors are heavier and thicker than ordinary residential doors. They have higher acoustic insulation than usual doors. They let less sound pass from one room to another or from the hallway into the rooms. Installing a fire-rated door next to the laundry room reduces the noise coming through.  

High Visual Appeal 

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to see fire-rated doors in your home. Fire-rated doors of today look very different from the clunky industrial-like implements of yesteryears. They are high-quality and polished structures. 

You can ask a hollow metal door provider to customize your door in different ways. There are glazed or panelled designs if you desire. You can also get a custom finish to fit your interior décor theme. 

Higher Value Proposition

Fire-rated doors have a high-quality feel to them that stands out. They feel more sturdy than conventional interior doors. These doors cost a little more than conventional doors, but that is expected because of their function. 

Installing a fire-rated door is an investment that grows in value. When it comes to selling the home, the fire-rated doors count for appreciating value. You will get more than you would with conventional doors. 

Are you looking to make your home safer from a fire hazard? Talk to a hollow metal door provider about installing fire-rated doors.