Reasons Why Oilfield Rental Is The Way To Go For Your Business

As the owner and operator of an oilfield company or crew, you best bet is to reduce your costs as much as possible. The oilfield industry is an expensive industry all around. As a business owner, you could spend several thousand on just one piece of equipment needed for the job. Fortunately, there are many reasons why oilfield rental is your best option. Reduce the Stress of Expenses Purchasing expensive equipment is stressful for sure, but it is even more stressful when an expensive piece of equipment you own happens to break down. Read More 

How to Repair or Replace Your Home’s Crumbling Concrete Porch Stairs

The condition of your front porch steps can add to or detract from the look of your home. If your front porch steps are aging or were poured incorrectly, they may be in need of repair or replacement. Here are some tips to help you improve or remove for replacement your home's front porch concrete steps. Repair Your Porch Steps If your concrete steps still have a sturdy foundation, but their surface has begun to crack and flake apart, you can repair it without removing them entirely. Read More 

Asbestos Removal For Older Homes: What Every New Homeowner Should Know

If you're a new homeowner who just purchased a home built between 1930-1990, have it tested and treated for asbestos, especially if you plan to renovate the home because it's in disrepair. Asbestos materials, such as attic insulation and paint, contain dangerous minerals that can cause cancer in the lungs and other body tissues. Your asbestos removal team can test, contain and remove the materials in your home. Here's how your contractor tests for asbestos in the home, how it's removed and what you may do to protect your home before the removal process. Read More 

How To Pack When Moving: What You Should Do With The Batteries

The U.S. is huge. There are endless opportunities and new experiences available in each state and city. With that being said, many Americans take advantage of their wanderlust by moving from state to state to enjoy different experiences. In 2013, mobility in the U.S. was approximately 11.7%. Knowing how to pack when moving will make your life a lot easier. There is nothing more annoying than having to deal with damages and other problems. Read More 

Potable Water: How A New Well Is Sanitized To Meet Your Clean Water Needs

Access to potable water, or water that is fit to consume, is extremely important to maintain a healthy and fit life. If you are a Canadian native, then you are likely to utilize around 343 liters of water every single day. This consumption is two times the rate of other civilized nations, excluding the United States. Most of the water is supplied through the municipal system. In more secluded areas of the country, a water well may be required instead. Read More